Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Christmas Gifts

Of course there was gifts under the Christmas tree for the little ones. But what can it be?

Unfortunately there was nothing handmade under the three this year. I had no time. But I don't think they'll complain. Or anyone else for that matters (I did get a commission on my Ladybugs though, so someone else had something handmade under their tree...but that's another story).

And I don't know what Mr Teddy is doing in the picture above. Is he so tired of it all that he tries to pack himself in one of the boxes? Maybe he's jealous and thinks he's been replaced? Or relived that he's not the center of Shilou's attention for the moment? Who knows.

(I'm a bit obsessed with tiny teddy bears myself, so I'll probably steal them from time to time)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The day before yesterday

There was two days of Christmas here, all because of the simple reason that everything was ready way too late at Christmas eve. So we took a break in the celebration and continued the next day. That included the Christmas gifts. And we all know that gifts is the ultimate lure for the little ones. I'm talking about the dollies of course. They were like magnets to the pile of colorful wrapped boxes:

Shilou was, like always, ready to get her hands messed up in everything. Mr Teddy was not amused. He was bored and wanted to find a quiet corner to sleep in. But he lost the vote and they all went and found a new friend instead: The bird with nuts (no pun intended).

and best wishes to everyone, from these two:

(And there WAS a gift for them both, but more about that next time)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

A new place

I've moved! In real life that is, not the blog. The apartment is full of boxes and the last tenants unfortunately left the place without tidying up properly and the kitchen cabinets was an awful green and blue mess inside (which I discovered after moving in) so there has been a lot of stuff to take care of. I've fixed some cracks with filler and painted the kitchen cabinets white inside, among other stuff. There have been cleaners there to clean the kitchen, but sadly it seems to be very few people nowadays that take their jobs seriously, so they had to come back and do it all again. And I still had to go over everything after the second time to actually get it all clean. And to point it out; I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to keeping it nice and should have seen my last apartment while I lived there (I left it spotless though!). I've also managed to pack up almost all my clothes and shoes; now the rest of the apartment awaits.

And because of my little fox dog, who would feel anxious and scared of all the noise and mess, we have been living with my mom. It's been over a month now and it's not a totally easy task to get along, but we're still alive...for now.

On the dollie side; all the dollies is still in their boxes (and those boxes is still in a box). I miss them! And my yarn, and my fabric and everything else thats keeps my creativity alive. Oh, and a new Littlefee box and two pair of Pukifee hands from Fairyland arrived before I moved, just as they promised. I'm very happy about that.

It seems like I missed the last summerdays when I was packing, spending my days inside among dust and old memories. When I went out again it was autumn. I feel robbed somehow...the summer was too cold and too rainy and too damn short. [insert sad face here]

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wigs for LittleFee Chloe

The wigs arrived last week, I just haven't had time till now to finish this post. It was a very quick shipping from Fatiao on Ebay and they were packed in cute little boxes with hairnets and all.

But the "chocolate" colored wig is more red than chocolate. Perhaps cherry chocolate would be a better name, because I was expecting something more brown-ish. But the flash really amplify and boost the red, so it's not really THAT much in natural light. And the other wig? Well, the "golden brown" is really just...medium ashy blond (the flash shows a hint of the gold though).

Aaaand I don't know. I sort of like the red...but I think I will go hunting for a proper brown one.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The faceup - To be or not to be?

So I have figured it out, why it feels so off. She have a grown-up faceup, but a child's body. The fact is that the faceup is darker than on the promo pictures (and she seems to have one of the darkest eyebrows, compare to other peoples owner pictures) and even though it's beautiful, it doesn't suit her. The child have too much makeup on her dammit!

I really like the sculpt and I can probably get used to Littlefee size, once she look "proper" to her age. But before I do something with the faceup I've decided to try another wig and eyes to see if it looks better, because dark eyebrows with white hair isn't really ideal (even though I like the white hair). So now I have two new wigs on their way home. Got to give it a shoot at least, right?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And they replied...

Do you remember that e-mail I sent Fairyland, about the wrong hands? Well, they wrote back the next day and asked for a photo so I replied with one plus one on the Littlefee box which was damaged on one corner. And after some confusion I have now got the notice that they will send a new box containing my two pair of missing Pukifee hands. They where very polite and nice about it all and it's actually been a good experience. It's always assuring to know that a company is serious and take good care of the customers.

My verdict: YAY FAIRYLAND! :D

Ps. And they didn't even demand the two Littlefee hands back, so now my Littlefee Chloe (yet nameless) have four pair of hands! Lucky girl.

Ps 2. Do you see what she's wearing? It's a t-shirt that belongs to Paul. You know, Sindy's boyfriend (the handsome one that was released by Hasbro, 1989-1996) . It fit's great as a pyjamas top. She can also have his jeans shorts. I don't know why, but I find it hilarious somehow ^^

Friday, July 6, 2012

Shilou and the new girl

The little one seemed a bit skeptical in the beginning:

But the curiosity took over after the new arrival finally had some clothes on.

And now they seem very friendly and trying to get to know each other.

I'm still waiting for her name though. And her personality. And for ME to stop being skeptical.

And sorry for the not so great pictures, especially in the last entry. The new camera (WOHO!) and me is not best friends, yet. Or maybe it is the flash and macro that is not best friends, because the flash didn't pop up...I guess it thought there was light enough already. I hope that I can find a way around that. Oh well, time will tell. I have a lot to learn :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Second BJD #6 - Arrival

She's home! My first Littlefée (and second BJD) is here:

(Shilou is lurking in the background, she's very curious about the new family member)

I have to say, she IS adorable. But I'm not so sure about her size (or her faceup which is darker than the promo pictures). Something about it just doesn't click with me and I'm feeling a bit disappointed. She doesn't "speak" to me at all. I love love love her blouse and petticoat though.

I'm also very disappointed over that instead of the two extra Pukifée hands that I ordered for Shilou, I got two extra Littlefée hands. NOT happy about that. I have sent Fairyland an e-mail about it and hoping that they will solve it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Second BJD #5

From: Fairyland
Object: Littlefée Chloe Rose Cat Fullset
Status: AVI in the mail
Me: She is less than 5 minutes away. Tomorrow, tomorrow! :D

Custom fee: 87sek

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seeing the world through new eyes...

Early morning
(...or middle of the night: 4.15 AM)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Second BJD #4

From: Fairyland
Object: Littlefée Chloe Rose Cat Fullset
Status: On shipping
Me: Almost two weeks earlier than the calculated date. Yay!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Glass vs Acrylic

The right shade of blue for Shilou? I don't know yet. She looks so different, maybe I'll just have to get used to it. We'll see. But look how they catch the light compare to the old ones! Yummy:

I suspect that I need to buy more eye-putty though; it took several tries for me to figure out how to get the eyes to stay in place. The putty seem to have turned a bit...dull.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glass Eyes have arrived!

Wooooh, quick shipping! The eyes arrived today. I ordered them on Sunday, they where shipped on Monday and now (Wednesday) they are here with me. From Spain to Sweden in two days, not bad. And they look so cute! Like tiny jewels. Guess who's a happy hippo?! *jumping up and down*

Shilou threw herself with head first (literally!) at the task of opening the package and Mr Teddy was her faithful assistant. And here they are:

The eyes are Full House Glass Eyes and I bought them from hikaraxxy on DoA. She was very helpful and friendly, so everything went very smooth :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Glass Eyes on their way!

I've just ordered my first two pair of glass eyes today! FINALLY! They are both 10mm and I'm sooo looking forward to try them on and see if the blue pair is the right shade of blue for Shilou. She's tired of seeing the world through purple eyes.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick travel from Spain. Join me?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Christmas gift

Here's a better picture on the dress from the post before the post before the last post (tricky, ey?) and Shilou is happy to show it again:

Two pair of shoes, plus this dress and socks is what Shilou got for Christmas (don't confuse it with her Christmas dress; that one is red). It's a slightly shorter variant from one of the usual dresses that I make. Aaaaand yes, she need panties. Or a skirt made of tulle underneath (which I'm planning to do). The matching socks are actually for Barbie (from the 1999's Fashion Avenue set Funtime Slumbers), but they looked so cute on Shilou, so that's why I made her a dress in purple/pink. Purple is not normally my color of choice, but it works as long as she have these eyes. When she eventually have turned into the blue-eyed girl whom she's meant to be, the dress will probably be hanging forgotten in her closet. But hey; that day that sorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Second BJD #3

From: Fairyland
Object: Littlefée Chloe Rose Cat Fullset
Status: Item processing
Me: Gnnn...50+ days left! (already impatient)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My second BJD #2

From: Fairyland
Object: Littlefée Chloe Rose Cat Fullset
Status: Paid
Me: Still having a hard time believing it. But no turning back now. YES!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Miniature Playstation ♥

I found the cutest little playstation miniset a while ago on Flickr and managed to locate it on Ebay because I went totally nuts and had to have one (Japan seem to have everything).

...which turned into 4 sets. Heh. Oops.

But they are so adorable! And well-made! Two of them is the same though (grey), so I'm thinking of selling one of them SOLD. Totally perfect for Pukifée. Just take a look:

-But where's the TV, mama?
- Oh. I knew I forgot something...

Darn. Before, I was like: No unhealthy TV for my child...ehrrm, doll!
Now? Got to have a TV. How can she play with her new toy otherwise?

...spoiled girl ;)