Monday, November 30, 2015

Bag for incoming MNF Siean.

Got the cutest little package in the mail today! I managed to be quick enough to snag one of Cinniaturebjdproject's bags for MNF's (trough Instagram)...even before it was finished! Which gave me the opportunity to come with a suggestion about where the key chain holder should be. Not bad eh? I really appreciate when you can have a good communication with the people you buy handmade items from, it feels special to have been along for some of the making process and it does give the item a more personal touch. Or at least, that's how I feel :) But this bag-making-lady is so very talented, so even if you buy a already finished piece, you will get something awesome and unique.

Will show proper pictures on the leg/hip bag as soon as my second MNF Siean arrives. Her lifestyle needed this bag, it's gonna be perfect. It gives of a bit Lara Croft vibe and I love it! It would be even more perfection if I'll manage to order a matching backpack one day ♥

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Woopsie! One more on it's way.

I have a secret...I've just made the last payment for another doll O.0 And it's a MiniFée! I found her on the Marketplace on DoA and it took like 1-2 weeks of thinking back and fourth, but I finally gave in and now she's on her way. And then I'm the owner of three MiniFées. Woosch. We never saw that coming, did we? ;)

I got a wig waiting for her already. And eyes. And some clothes. And a suitcase with trinkets. Oh, and a personality. And furniture (that need some love and care before they are ready). And a family member! Yes, she have a sister here at home. Maybe even a twin sister...a very strange, ghostly and somewhat fickle creature with a deep longing for old things. ...but never the less, a sister! Yes, as you can see, there's a story there to be told :D

Who's the sister at home? My MiniFée Siean. There's still a lack of a face-up, but she have some messy white curls that I special ordered for her...a very nice DoA member made her a beautiful wig that suits her perfect.

So. Sisters? Twins? Really?

YES!!! :D

Soon I'll be the owner to two Sieans ♥

(plus A-line body with large bust)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

LittleFée Chloe "Rose Cat" Fullset for sale!

She really is a cutie, especially with dark brown or red hair and I have been thinking about this back and forth for over a year now. She have grown on me since I bought her in 2012 (directly from Fairyland), but apparently not enough. She's been in her box way too much and all the clothes I've been buying for her doesn't really work color wise. I have simply bought clothes and shoes for another girl. So I've made the choice; I'm gonna look for a new home for my sweet Chloe. It's really hard, look at her! While taking these pictures I found myself having second thoughts about it all (again), she is after all my only LittleFée and the the only fullset I got. But it's time she find a home where she isn't neglected and hidden away in a box.

LF Chloe will come with the whole fullset, every piece is there: white mohair wig, socks, shoes, petticoat, blouse, dress, broach, bonnet, fur muff  and hands no.1 and 4 + two pair of extra hands (no.2 and 5), two extra wigs (one of them is the one she's wearing in the pictures above), fairyland box, manual, postcards, magnets, the default eyes (brown) and of course the sleeping faceplate. She will not come with the eyes she's wearing on the pictures though.

There's no noticeable yellowing really, but since she's from 2012 there's naturally some slightly difference in her skin color compared to when she was brand new from Fairyland. It's even though and she looks just as pretty as the day she came. If I have to find something wrong with her, it would be that she might need a re-stringing. She can still stand on her own, but the posing isn't as firm as when I bought her. I have never dissembled a bjd before though, so I will leave the tightening of the strings to the buyer.

 Interested in giving this LittleFée Chloe a new loving home? Send me a message here or on DoA.