Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project branchbed #1 - Part 1

I'm going to try to build something.

*A couple of small branches with different thickness
*A scissor that cuts the branches into smaller pieces
*Nails! (or maybe a gluegun if there is no nails)
*...what the heck, glue is needed anyway
*A hammer (I borrowed mine from mum)
*A tape measure-thingy
*Some kind of idea what you want to end up with

Ready? Steady...GO!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Handmade miniature food

Alright. I'm not buying things all the time, even if it may look like that (my wallet isn't THAT all). I'm making tiny things too! Some proof:

Some of them are made to be charms, therefore the silver-thingy sticking out. The plates and the cutlery is from the brands My Little Kitchen and Kitchen Littles (except from some porcelain plates in the back). Perfect for displaying homemade miniature food. I'm no expert on this kind of craft, but I'm learning something new every time (and hopefully getting better too) and it's really fun :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Re-ment in my Heart

More miniatures are here and it feels like christmas. Or...I feel like a child on christmas (not that I violently tear it open, no no! I'm very careful. VEEEERY careful. Insanely crazy careful). So, now that we have established that I'm slightly obsessed with miniatyres, here they are:

Can you see in the bottom of the picture? It's pancakes! <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Socks from Etsy

If I thought that the leggings looked too small, the socks on the other hand looks too BIG. And three pair? What was I thinking? The doll only have two feet...or will there be more than one Pukifée in the future? (0.O) Oh dear. I'm getting a bit worried.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Clothes from Etsy

The cute outfit that I bought in the beginning of this month is finally here:

I usually don't like pink that much, but this is adorable. I hope they'll fit...they're supposed to. But the pants looks tiny (and has no stretching at all at the waist, thanks to a non-stretching seam). Maybe Pukifée really is that small? I can't wait to try it on. Why does the time have to move sooo slow (normally I think it moves way too fast, but NOW it's the totally opposite).

And yeah. I like Etsy. It's a lovely place.

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Little Kitchen

Earlier, I mentioned Kitchen Littles, a brand with miniatures from when I was younger that was perfect for dolls like Barbie. But now I have figured out that it was TWO brands. Kitchen Littles and My Little Kitchen. The first one is from Mattel (Tyco?) and was produced in the 1990's. The second is from Top-Toy (danish toy retailer and distributor) and sadly I can't seem to find pictures or information about it anywhere (it's like it never existed!). They both fit perfectly together in size, so the mix up is really not that strange.

And how did I figure this out? Well, I found an unopened box with a tiny tableware-set on Tradera. The exactly tableware-set that I remembered! And only for 7kr + shipping! Guess who was a happy girl when it came in the mail yesterday? :D

The spoons are 34mm, glas 24mm and the big plates 49mm.

...Now I'm dreaming about having the same luck and finding the matching kitchen too. I know there is a fridge, a stove and a bench where you can do the dish washing on the top and store things underneath in a cabinet (sorry, I'm tired and can't find the real name for this). The color is mostly red, with some white, grey and black here and there. Very well made.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fur Wigs from Etsy #2

The wigs are here!

Golden blonde, white and red (the red is hiding somewhere underneath the rest). They all look great. But the blue one...well, I can see the "scalp" quite easily. It seems the blue isn't as thick as the rest of them. I have had experience of this before, but that was with blue fake fur here in Sweden.

Blue BAD fake fur has taken over the world. Why BLUE?! :/

Friday, August 12, 2011

Miniatures from Orcara and Re-ment

I got a package from Hong Kong today. Yay! It was some miniatures I bought from Ebay last week. Oh, it's silly really...but it made my day. I adore well made miniatures. It was a full box with 8 different fruit-sets from Orcara and three mugs with Disney figures from Re-ment. Perfect for small dolls like Barbie. I keep my fingers crossed they will fit Pukifée too. I'm pretty sure that the mugs will, but I don't know about the fruit.

And a bit closer look at the mugs:
Sorry for not showing it properly, but I won't keep all the sets and it feels best to have everything wrapped in safety till I know what to do.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things for the little one

I went on a little day trip today with my mom and her best friend. We found a sweet little store in Dalsjöfors and I couldn't keep my fingers away from spending money on some cute plastic mini food boxes (perfect for storing tiny crafts or other small things), a blue little box of wood and a teddybear (teddykitten?). After that we visited a small farm-shop with a lot of homemade marmalade, spices, juice, bread, biscuits and fresh eggs. My mom went wild for this. She's totally into natural stuff without chemicals and food-coloring. But then again, she IS a educated health-advisor (sorry for the crappy translation). But who am I to have really rubbed of on me after growing up with that kind of "knowledge". But hysch, don't tell her that!

We also drove past a big Second Hand store that unfortunately was closed, but I hope we'll return there when they open after the summer-vacation again. I love places like that. Old things with a lifetime (or more) of history is...fascinating.

...and why can't I get ridd of the feeling that I keep buying stuff for a little child?
It's a bit creepy.
It's just a doll. And she's not even here yet.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clothes. Bought or handmade?

Ooopsi. I sort of happen to buy an outfit today on Etsy. The cutest shirt (with a little pink bow on it) and a pair of pants (leggings?) with flower pattern.

I was planning to only sew my own clothes for little Ante, but...I couldn't help myself. At least she won't be naked after I open her box. I mean, it's kind of hard to sew something if you don't have the measurement or the model here. It's a pretty good excuse, right?

Aaaand, some proof to support my sewing plans:
I bought some scraps of fabric yesterday
( I don't already have a bunch of it at home).

Now I only need two pair of white socks (one with lace, one without) and three specific pair of shoes (I already know how I want them to look). And some tulle. But that'll have to wait till next month.