Friday, August 26, 2016

...but she WAS on my wishlist!

 Woooops. One more floating head on it's way here...someone needs to stop me 0.o

MNF Nanuri 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

New shoes for my Minifées ♥

So...I have a dolly account on Instagram. It's not filled with much yet because my old phone couldn't take good pictures (I hope it will change now when I finally have a new one), but I have found out it's a great way to find others in this hobby! My eyes are mostly on those who create bjd clothes, shoes, accessories and face-ups. Not all of them is on Etsy and therefor might be harder to find. Nata.ko is one of these amazing talented people and she makes such cute and well made shoes (and other things too!). I was lucky enough to not only find her, but to get on her waiting list for a commission slot and now, finally, I have my product in my hand! Or products...I could not keep to one single item, so I commissioned her to make me 4 pair of shoes.

Even though the language barrier was a bit in the way, everything turned out perfect. She sent me photos during the process to make sure everything was made to my wishes and I'm so pleased with the ends result; the shoes are so well made and they all fit great! Because that's always a bit of a problem for me, with Minifées; all shoes are too big! I'm sure I'm not the only one with this dilemma. It doesn't matter how good the shoes are looking if they don't fit properly or look too bulky. It just looks silly! But now, thanks to Natalia, I've finally have something to put on my girls feet :D

(picture above belongs to Natalia)

And below are my happy dollies! First; nameless colorful girl. Second; Miriél who really doesn't do that style at all, just wanted to show of the shoes (she's all about white/grey-ish colors and old socks that almost falls apart or just simply walking barefoot). An then we have the third girl, the monster hunter (but also Miriéls twin) and the fourth pair of shoes are for the incoming Enni head...even though she's missing a body for now xD

Saturday, May 21, 2016


This was totally unplanned. But what do you do when it's suddenly (and finally!) pops up a pre-order on Etsy with one of your dream heads? You go for it. Without caring about that you need to pay rent or buy food know. You go a bit insane o.0

But I had to. And I'm happy I did. And I can't believe I actually managed to buy one before they ran out. I have to buy her a body too. Oh gosh. Didn't think that far xD

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Evolution of Barbie - New bodies


This is big. And about time, I'd say. 
Different hair and skin tones have already existed in the Barbieworld for a while, as it should, but now there's 3 more body types; petite, curvy and tall. This is looong overdue, but still awesome.

I don't really collect Barbie anymore, but NEED a "curvy" one. Or two. Look:

What do you think?


Monday, November 30, 2015

Bag for incoming MNF Siean.

Got the cutest little package in the mail today! I managed to be quick enough to snag one of Cinniaturebjdproject's bags for MNF's (trough Instagram)...even before it was finished! Which gave me the opportunity to come with a suggestion about where the key chain holder should be. Not bad eh? I really appreciate when you can have a good communication with the people you buy handmade items from, it feels special to have been along for some of the making process and it does give the item a more personal touch. Or at least, that's how I feel :) But this bag-making-lady is so very talented, so even if you buy a already finished piece, you will get something awesome and unique.

Will show proper pictures on the leg/hip bag as soon as my second MNF Siean arrives. Her lifestyle needed this bag, it's gonna be perfect. It gives of a bit Lara Croft vibe and I love it! It would be even more perfection if I'll manage to order a matching backpack one day ♥

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Woopsie! One more on it's way.

I have a secret...I've just made the last payment for another doll O.0 And it's a MiniFée! I found her on the Marketplace on DoA and it took like 1-2 weeks of thinking back and fourth, but I finally gave in and now she's on her way. And then I'm the owner of three MiniFées. Woosch. We never saw that coming, did we? ;)

I got a wig waiting for her already. And eyes. And some clothes. And a suitcase with trinkets. Oh, and a personality. And furniture (that need some love and care before they are ready). And a family member! Yes, she have a sister here at home. Maybe even a twin sister...a very strange, ghostly and somewhat fickle creature with a deep longing for old things. ...but never the less, a sister! Yes, as you can see, there's a story there to be told :D

Who's the sister at home? My MiniFée Siean. There's still a lack of a face-up, but she have some messy white curls that I special ordered for her...a very nice DoA member made her a beautiful wig that suits her perfect.

So. Sisters? Twins? Really?

YES!!! :D

Soon I'll be the owner to two Sieans ♥

(plus A-line body with large bust)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

LittleFée Chloe "Rose Cat" Fullset for sale!

She really is a cutie, especially with dark brown or red hair and I have been thinking about this back and forth for over a year now. She have grown on me since I bought her in 2012 (directly from Fairyland), but apparently not enough. She's been in her box way too much and all the clothes I've been buying for her doesn't really work color wise. I have simply bought clothes and shoes for another girl. So I've made the choice; I'm gonna look for a new home for my sweet Chloe. It's really hard, look at her! While taking these pictures I found myself having second thoughts about it all (again), she is after all my only LittleFée and the the only fullset I got. But it's time she find a home where she isn't neglected and hidden away in a box.

LF Chloe will come with the whole fullset, every piece is there: white mohair wig, socks, shoes, petticoat, blouse, dress, broach, bonnet, fur muff  and hands no.1 and 4 + two pair of extra hands (no.2 and 5), two extra wigs (one of them is the one she's wearing in the pictures above), fairyland box, manual, postcards, magnets, the default eyes (brown) and of course the sleeping faceplate. She will not come with the eyes she's wearing on the pictures though.

There's no noticeable yellowing really, but since she's from 2012 there's naturally some slightly difference in her skin color compared to when she was brand new from Fairyland. It's even though and she looks just as pretty as the day she came. If I have to find something wrong with her, it would be that she might need a re-stringing. She can still stand on her own, but the posing isn't as firm as when I bought her. I have never dissembled a bjd before though, so I will leave the tightening of the strings to the buyer.

 Interested in giving this LittleFée Chloe a new loving home? Send me a message here or on DoA.   

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I bought a dollhouse!

I've been looking for a proper house to my two PukiFées, Shilou and Miri, and finally snatched one up from Blocket about two months ago. It's fresh and well made, but crazy pink, so I might do a makeover. Maybe blue. Originally, you could find this dollhouse at Indiska a couple years ago. It seems very popular now days and it was hard to find one (or, I have found several the past year, but they all sold very quickly) so I'm a bit lucky that I got this one. It even have room for PK Zoe, the newest arrival...and one more! Which is good because Pongpong is on the wishlist ;) AND there's still space enough for a playroom :D

I have a bunch of furniture and decor that will fit perfect inside the dollhouse, really looking forward to sit down and decorate...every room will be personalized for the tinies, it'll be fun to do ^.^


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My fourth/fifth and fifth/sixth BJD #6 - Arrival (box opening)

Fairyland seems to have downsized the cardboard box/package a's not as high and wide, but slightly longer. Much better, in my opinion...don't know if it helped with the customs, but it feels like a better choice ^.^ Here we go:
First thing that caught my eye when I opened the box was some very weird people 0.o
(21th October: I still have them. They made me laugh xD)
Bye bye bubble plastic.
Aaaand BAM! Here's everything:

Zoe is a cutiepie ♥ She's a future redhead with freckles, so I'm looking for some perfect messy wavy red curls. And possible a foxtail...gotta love foxes! I might keep the event head (RFA 2015). And the body is for my Sarang 2014 head, which means I now have two full MiniFées at home! Who would have thought? ...that was a silly question, wasn't it? Everyone in this hobby probably knows by now that there's something addictive in the Fairyland resin ;) Now, off for some wig hunting.

And HEY! Not only postcards, but stickers too. I like.

Monday, August 31, 2015

My fourth/fifth and fifth/sixth BJD #6

From: Fairyland
Object 1: MiniFée M-Line body with natural skin and glamour bust
Object 2: PukiFée Zoe basic in natural skin and sleeping faceplate (no faceup)  
Parts: Parts: MiniFée high-heeled feet (mag-on) and hands No.6, 8 and 9 in natural skin
Eventgift: MiniFèe head RFA 2015 in natural skin 
Status: Avi in the mail
Me: Look at the custom fee. Look! And here I thought it was gonna be insane like last time :D

 Custom fee: 323 sek 

Friday, August 28, 2015

My fourth/fifth and fifth/sixth BJD #5

From: Fairyland
Object 1: MiniFée M-Line body with natural skin and glamour bust
Object 2: PukiFée Zoe basic in natural skin and sleeping faceplate (no faceup)  
Parts: Parts: MiniFée high-heeled feet (mag-on) and hands No.6, 8 and 9 in natural skin
Eventgift: MiniFèe head RFA 2015 in natural skin 
Status: On Shipping
Me: It's on it's way! Scary custom fee next on the list o.0

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My fourth/fifth and fifth/sixth BJD #4

From: Fairyland
Object 1: MiniFée M-Line body with natural skin and glamour bust
Object 2: PukiFée Zoe basic in natural skin and sleeping faceplate (no faceup)  
Parts: MiniFée high-heeled feet (mag-on) and hands No.6, 8 and 9 in natural skin
Eventgift: MiniFèe head RFA 2015 in natural skin 
Status: Before Shipping
Me: The waiting is soon over!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Box opening - MNF Siean Elf

She arrived about almost two months ago and I did take photos, but then I just got lazy and never posted them on the blog...mostly because lack of daylight in the room. I don't like the default flash on the camera and trying not to use it too much, so the pictures turned all grainy and boring. But here they are anyways, better than nothing ey?

I love the Siean sculpt ♥ Wouldn't mind one more actually. Got two different characters in mind for her and haven't decided yet which of them is going to get a physical form. Maybe they'll take turns ;)

And woooh. What a different feeling it is with this girl, compared to my former MNF Cloe (tan). I got inspired the moment I opened the box and just can't wait to bring her to life ♥ What a relief it was, I gotta say. I thought for a while that it was the size of the doll that didn't work for me, but now I know that wasn't the problem. Yay! :)    

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bye bye MNF Chloe and hello MNF Siean!

So my first MiniFée have now found a new owner. I got the second down-payment last week so she are now on a trip to her new home in Czech Republic. It feels good, I don't regret selling her and hope that she'll get a better life now in which she gets supermuch spoiled ;) 

But WOOOPS. I know I have a PukiFée Zoe and a M-line body for my Sarang head on it's way (or rather, being made) but I just couldn't help myself when the item highest on my wish-list showed up on the marketplace at DoA, with a matching body now there's a MiniFée Siean out there who's gonna come and live with me. I'm so happy!

 (Sellers photo)

The seller was kind enough to wipe her faceup, so she'll be blank when she arrives. Which means: I gotta buy some MSC so I can start doing faceups myself. Exiting!

 (Sellers photo)

So I guess I'm back in the hobby for real now, or what do you say? ;)

The only thing I need to find when my Siean arrives, is another bustplate (made in the same year; 2013). She are now wearing small and I want the large one for her. And No. 9 hands from the same year. Possibly a pair of high-heeled feet too. So the search isn't over yet.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some extra hands.

From: Fairyland
Parts: MiniFée hands No.6, 8 and 9 in natural skin
Status: Ordered and paid
Me: Some of the MNF hands was marked as "sold out" when I made my order, but now I have finally managed to order 3 pair with combined shipping. I was worried there for a while, but Fairyland answered my mail and calmed me down with the information that the hands would be available again. And now they are :)