Sunday, September 15, 2013

More clothes and a dilemma...

I have had these for a while now, but actually didn't try them on till recent. Two adorable pajamas set and a bunnyhat (the bearhat have showed up here before). Everything from Poinsettia04 on Etsy. Chloe's short wig works with everything, but she looked a bit boy-ish with the blue set (yes, I keep nagging about this don't I). So I tried the red wig again and WOH! Looks great with her new eyes. So now I can't decide which style she's gonna have. Pink and dark red/wine as combination is NO NO for me. But I really want a LittleFée in pink. What to do? Buy another one? Oh dear. This is getting dangerous.

(Pssst. It was dark outside and the light was bad inside, which means FLASH of DOOOM. Doesn't make the best pictures. She's not that yellow)

And the cozy boots are from sunnybobo, also on Etsy. Love them. Want them in every size and color there is. Yes please?