Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Second BJD #6 - Arrival

She's home! My first Littlefée (and second BJD) is here:

(Shilou is lurking in the background, she's very curious about the new family member)

I have to say, she IS adorable. But I'm not so sure about her size (or her faceup which is darker than the promo pictures). Something about it just doesn't click with me and I'm feeling a bit disappointed. She doesn't "speak" to me at all. I love love love her blouse and petticoat though.

I'm also very disappointed over that instead of the two extra Pukifée hands that I ordered for Shilou, I got two extra Littlefée hands. NOT happy about that. I have sent Fairyland an e-mail about it and hoping that they will solve it.

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