Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wigs for LittleFee Chloe

The wigs arrived last week, I just haven't had time till now to finish this post. It was a very quick shipping from Fatiao on Ebay and they were packed in cute little boxes with hairnets and all.

But the "chocolate" colored wig is more red than chocolate. Perhaps cherry chocolate would be a better name, because I was expecting something more brown-ish. But the flash really amplify and boost the red, so it's not really THAT much in natural light. And the other wig? Well, the "golden brown" is really just...medium ashy blond (the flash shows a hint of the gold though).

Aaaand I don't know. I sort of like the red...but I think I will go hunting for a proper brown one.


  1. I think she looks absolutely adorable in both wigs. They are much much better than her default one. I love her big brown eyes too. It's a very pretty brown.

    1. Dustbunnie:
      They are, aren't they? It's kind of sad, I like the white one. The red one seems to grow on me more and more though, but there's a short dark brown wig on it's way. We'll see if that's the one. If I'm lucky, it will match the eyes :)