Monday, July 16, 2012

The faceup - To be or not to be?

So I have figured it out, why it feels so off. She have a grown-up faceup, but a child's body. The fact is that the faceup is darker than on the promo pictures (and she seems to have one of the darkest eyebrows, compare to other peoples owner pictures) and even though it's beautiful, it doesn't suit her. The child have too much makeup on her dammit!

I really like the sculpt and I can probably get used to Littlefee size, once she look "proper" to her age. But before I do something with the faceup I've decided to try another wig and eyes to see if it looks better, because dark eyebrows with white hair isn't really ideal (even though I like the white hair). So now I have two new wigs on their way home. Got to give it a shoot at least, right?


  1. I've never been that fond of this particular face up, as you say it looks too mature for a LTF. I think it will look better with a dark brown wig than with the white one though because it will fit the colors much better and make the face up stand out less and look more natural.

    1. Annefia:
      Glad I'm not the only one with that opinion. I'm still hunting for a brown wig and have found a short dark wig on ebay that looks interesting. We'll see if that's the right one, keep your fingers crossed? :)