Monday, February 25, 2013

Really useful boxes ♥

This is amazing. I'm totally amazed. What have made me in such a thrilled-mode you might wonder?

I found them! Tiny "Really useful boxes" size 0,14. I first saw them in a PukiFee thread on DoA and search everywhere for them like crazy...several times (because I'm stubborn like that). The company that makes them doesn't ship internationally, only within United States (or was it just Sweden who was left out? Don't remember) and oh how I felt...disgruntled. Then I found them on eBay. They showed up now and then, but I never jumped on it. If it was the price+shipping that stopped me or the lack of favorite colors, I'm not sure. Probably both. BUT last week I discovered that RUSTA suddenly had some under the name "minibox" with four in every set. OMG! Squuueeee! They exist in Sweden! I was thrilled. And amazed. And had to have some. And will buy some more next time. And probably next...and next and....till I have bought every single box they have.

Yes. I AM obsessed. And proud of it. Sort of. Or maybe not...

This box organizer set is going to be mine one day. Yes indeed. One day. 
And here's a purple one, for those who like it that way.