Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Christmas gift

Here's a better picture on the dress from the post before the post before the last post (tricky, ey?) and Shilou is happy to show it again:

Two pair of shoes, plus this dress and socks is what Shilou got for Christmas (don't confuse it with her Christmas dress; that one is red). It's a slightly shorter variant from one of the usual dresses that I make. Aaaaand yes, she need panties. Or a skirt made of tulle underneath (which I'm planning to do). The matching socks are actually for Barbie (from the 1999's Fashion Avenue set Funtime Slumbers), but they looked so cute on Shilou, so that's why I made her a dress in purple/pink. Purple is not normally my color of choice, but it works as long as she have these eyes. When she eventually have turned into the blue-eyed girl whom she's meant to be, the dress will probably be hanging forgotten in her closet. But hey; that day that sorrow.

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