Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shilou's room?

This is Shilou's bedroom (not completely finished yet). But sadly she doesn't seem to feel like home. It's too "grown up" she tells me and are more interested in the playroom I'm making for her. It has a lot of colourful furniture that don't match each other, so I'm going to paint some of them white (does anyone know what kind of paint you need for surfaces that are made of plastic?) before she can play in there.

I also tried another wig on Shilou today, isn't she cute? She look more grown up this way (maybe too much). I really like her in white, but it's probably not for could be for someone else. So now I'm looking for a better white wig for the future and a blond one with bangs for Shilou, similair to the one I have, but longer and less uneven.

The lovely dress she's wearing is from Hiblythe.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kisses from Shilou!

Just here to say that we haven't forgot about the blog.

I'm making dresses and hats for her, while trying to survive this autumn. I wish I was some kind of furry creature that could go in hiding and sleep all this away. Wake me up for spring, yes? Hibernation for the win.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Handmade dress for the little one

I made my first dress for Shilou. It was crazy fun to do. I've started on several others now...

It has a tiny mushroom button (offwhite) in the back and a matching hairpiece.

I actually like the dress, which is very rare. I never like my own stuff. But this's far from perfect, but I'm fond of it. And Shilou approved it too (Mr Teddy pretty much thought that the whole dress-thingy was overrated).