Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Christmas Gifts

Of course there was gifts under the Christmas tree for the little ones. But what can it be?

Unfortunately there was nothing handmade under the three this year. I had no time. But I don't think they'll complain. Or anyone else for that matters (I did get a commission on my Ladybugs though, so someone else had something handmade under their tree...but that's another story).

And I don't know what Mr Teddy is doing in the picture above. Is he so tired of it all that he tries to pack himself in one of the boxes? Maybe he's jealous and thinks he's been replaced? Or relived that he's not the center of Shilou's attention for the moment? Who knows.

(I'm a bit obsessed with tiny teddy bears myself, so I'll probably steal them from time to time)


  1. Ooooh! Sooo cute little bears! Your girls are really lucky! I especially love the white one!

    1. Annefia:
      Aren't they? I could squeee over them all day long. And it doesn't really show, but the white one have wings too. So cute <3