Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And they replied...

Do you remember that e-mail I sent Fairyland, about the wrong hands? Well, they wrote back the next day and asked for a photo so I replied with one plus one on the Littlefee box which was damaged on one corner. And after some confusion I have now got the notice that they will send a new box containing my two pair of missing Pukifee hands. They where very polite and nice about it all and it's actually been a good experience. It's always assuring to know that a company is serious and take good care of the customers.

My verdict: YAY FAIRYLAND! :D

Ps. And they didn't even demand the two Littlefee hands back, so now my Littlefee Chloe (yet nameless) have four pair of hands! Lucky girl.

Ps 2. Do you see what she's wearing? It's a t-shirt that belongs to Paul. You know, Sindy's boyfriend (the handsome one that was released by Hasbro, 1989-1996) . It fit's great as a pyjamas top. She can also have his jeans shorts. I don't know why, but I find it hilarious somehow ^^

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