Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Glass Eyes

Yep. Need more eyes. Can't get enough of them apparently.

14mm, 16mm and 16mm .

I bought the ones above from eBay a while ago. First two looks great irl, but the third was a disappointment. It looks so dark and animal-like in the picture (which was what I wanted), but in reality the iris isn't that big, it's just a darker brown color around the black iris and it's much brighter and less...exiting. But one can't be lucky every time.

And here's the second bunch:

 16mm, 14mm, 10mm, 10mm

These are Full House Glass Eyes from hikaraxxy on DoA. There was a fifth pair in size 16mm, but I discovered that I had the same eyes from before, so it felt a little pointless to show them again.

I really like glass eyes without black pupils. I think it looks more alive and not so blank. The black ones have sometimes the tendency to have a dead stare. Which the colored ones can have too or they might look to dim, so it's a fine line in my opinion. What do you think?