Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things for the little one

I went on a little day trip today with my mom and her best friend. We found a sweet little store in Dalsjöfors and I couldn't keep my fingers away from spending money on some cute plastic mini food boxes (perfect for storing tiny crafts or other small things), a blue little box of wood and a teddybear (teddykitten?). After that we visited a small farm-shop with a lot of homemade marmalade, spices, juice, bread, biscuits and fresh eggs. My mom went wild for this. She's totally into natural stuff without chemicals and food-coloring. But then again, she IS a educated health-advisor (sorry for the crappy translation). But who am I to have really rubbed of on me after growing up with that kind of "knowledge". But hysch, don't tell her that!

We also drove past a big Second Hand store that unfortunately was closed, but I hope we'll return there when they open after the summer-vacation again. I love places like that. Old things with a lifetime (or more) of history is...fascinating.

...and why can't I get ridd of the feeling that I keep buying stuff for a little child?
It's a bit creepy.
It's just a doll. And she's not even here yet.

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