Monday, August 22, 2011

Clothes from Etsy

The cute outfit that I bought in the beginning of this month is finally here:

I usually don't like pink that much, but this is adorable. I hope they'll fit...they're supposed to. But the pants looks tiny (and has no stretching at all at the waist, thanks to a non-stretching seam). Maybe Pukifée really is that small? I can't wait to try it on. Why does the time have to move sooo slow (normally I think it moves way too fast, but NOW it's the totally opposite).

And yeah. I like Etsy. It's a lovely place.


  1. Yes, pukifees are really that small! LOL Eh, not that I know how small the clothes are but pukifees ARE small (even though they're big compared to pukis and realpukis). Even when I got Isa, my MSD/mature mini I was surprised with the fact that she was smaller than I'd expected and she's HUGE compared to the tinies.

    Take a look at this photo of Alba-Stina in my hand and keep in mind that I've got TINY hands:

    Or maybe look at this photo with items you are familiar with:

    After getting Alba-Stina I feel that pukifees at THE perfect size though, small enough to carry everywhere but big enough to be easy to make clothes for (compared to pukis at least LOL)

  2. Så söta, gillar printet på tröjan! <3
    Ska bli spännande att se din Ante "klar" sen ;)

  3. Annefia:
    I've seen all the measurements and looked through a million pictures, but it's apparently still hard to wrap my head around the size. But I think she will be perfect...not so sure about her belongings however. Just have to wait and see I guess.

    And trying to have patience >.<

  4. Lisen:
    Ja, det var nog printet på tröjan som fick mig på fall. Liksom, en katt i en tékopp...vem kan motstå det? Och jag kan inte annat än att hålla med, det ska bli spännande att se när hon är färdig! :D