Friday, August 12, 2011

Miniatures from Orcara and Re-ment

I got a package from Hong Kong today. Yay! It was some miniatures I bought from Ebay last week. Oh, it's silly really...but it made my day. I adore well made miniatures. It was a full box with 8 different fruit-sets from Orcara and three mugs with Disney figures from Re-ment. Perfect for small dolls like Barbie. I keep my fingers crossed they will fit Pukifée too. I'm pretty sure that the mugs will, but I don't know about the fruit.

And a bit closer look at the mugs:
Sorry for not showing it properly, but I won't keep all the sets and it feels best to have everything wrapped in safety till I know what to do.


  1. LMAO I'm afraid there's no way back for you now. Before you know it you'll end up with 30 BJDs and they will all have their own cute little rooms with everything they could ever want. (And then some)

  2. Dies from jealousy a bit here!

  3. Dustbunnie:
    I'm totally stuck. I feel so weak and defenceless against this >.<

  4. Annefia:
    Oh dear. Don't die! They are really not that cute. Honestly. It's just plastic. With colours. Not cuteness overload at all. Nope.