Friday, August 19, 2011

My Little Kitchen

Earlier, I mentioned Kitchen Littles, a brand with miniatures from when I was younger that was perfect for dolls like Barbie. But now I have figured out that it was TWO brands. Kitchen Littles and My Little Kitchen. The first one is from Mattel (Tyco?) and was produced in the 1990's. The second is from Top-Toy (danish toy retailer and distributor) and sadly I can't seem to find pictures or information about it anywhere (it's like it never existed!). They both fit perfectly together in size, so the mix up is really not that strange.

And how did I figure this out? Well, I found an unopened box with a tiny tableware-set on Tradera. The exactly tableware-set that I remembered! And only for 7kr + shipping! Guess who was a happy girl when it came in the mail yesterday? :D

The spoons are 34mm, glas 24mm and the big plates 49mm.

...Now I'm dreaming about having the same luck and finding the matching kitchen too. I know there is a fridge, a stove and a bench where you can do the dish washing on the top and store things underneath in a cabinet (sorry, I'm tired and can't find the real name for this). The color is mostly red, with some white, grey and black here and there. Very well made.


  1. They're usually called "counters" or "kitchen counters" (Says the woman that's spent MANY years playing Sims with the game installed in English) And then there's of course "cupboards" as well, meaning "skåp".

    That's a really lovely set BTW. Your little pukifee will be sooo spoiled.

  2. Annefia:
    Kitchen counters! But, of course (Ah, Sims. The lovely time-theif itself). And kitchen sink. Yes, there we have it. A fridge, stove, counter and a kitchen sink.

    And YES she will(but really, she's just an excuse for me to...ehum...spoil her human).