Monday, August 29, 2011

Handmade miniature food

Alright. I'm not buying things all the time, even if it may look like that (my wallet isn't THAT all). I'm making tiny things too! Some proof:

Some of them are made to be charms, therefore the silver-thingy sticking out. The plates and the cutlery is from the brands My Little Kitchen and Kitchen Littles (except from some porcelain plates in the back). Perfect for displaying homemade miniature food. I'm no expert on this kind of craft, but I'm learning something new every time (and hopefully getting better too) and it's really fun :)


  1. They look wonderful! I would love to see close ups!

    I'd planned to make food for ages (as long as I've had bjds) but I've never gotten around to it. Probably because I've run out of clays. What kind of clay did you use for these?

  2. Annefia:
    Thank you :) I normally use FIMO Soft as base for my miniature food. It comes in a lot of different colours and possible to mix if other colours are needed. Oven-hardening.

    But I also have Hearty and Mermaid Puffy from Padico, which airdry and are more lightweight. Haven't used it yet though, but it supposed to be really good.

    Another easy and cheap solution is trolldeg ^^

  3. I used to work with Cernit earlier which is, I guess, pretty similar to Fimo (I've never tried Fimo so I don't know for sure) But you're right, I should probably try trolldeg, I'm all for cheap solutions these days and that way I don't have to wait until I can afford the clay I need (=forever).

  4. Annefia:
    Yes, Cernit is similar to Fimo. I've tried yellow cernit before, but Fimo "won" because it seems to be easier to get hold on (Panduro)and a tiny bit more softer to work with.

    And you could really get some good result for example bread with trolldeg! Here's some inspiration: