Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project branchbed #1 - Part 1

I'm going to try to build something.

*A couple of small branches with different thickness
*A scissor that cuts the branches into smaller pieces
*Nails! (or maybe a gluegun if there is no nails)
*...what the heck, glue is needed anyway
*A hammer (I borrowed mine from mum)
*A tape measure-thingy
*Some kind of idea what you want to end up with

Ready? Steady...GO!


  1. Annefia:
    Spoilers spoilers!

    You'll have to wait and see ;)

  2. You know you should post about your props in the Pretty Props forum over at BJF as well (both this one and the food) That way more people will see it (and you can of course link them to the blog as well) and also that way I could use both :foottap: and :waiting: LOL