Monday, October 3, 2011

Handmade dress for the little one

I made my first dress for Shilou. It was crazy fun to do. I've started on several others now...

It has a tiny mushroom button (offwhite) in the back and a matching hairpiece.

I actually like the dress, which is very rare. I never like my own stuff. But this's far from perfect, but I'm fond of it. And Shilou approved it too (Mr Teddy pretty much thought that the whole dress-thingy was overrated).


  1. Oh how lovely! I really like the idea of mixing yarn and fabric the way you did.

  2. Annefia:
    Thank you :) I don't think I have patience enough to make a entire dress of yarn LOL. But the main reason is that when I crochet, I do it VERY firmly and tight. So my hands hurts after a while :/

    I also got inspired by a dress I made for a Barbiedoll earlier this year. Different colours and fabric, but basically the same design.

  3. She is lovely! Absolutely adorable ♥ and her dress is so sweet.
    A BJD is very high on my wish list for Xmas.... I've been sure to let everybody close to me know this =)

    The doll I'm making clothes for today is all crocheted, and mostly from Beth's pattern for Pocket Spirits ( with some smaller adjustments.
    As soon as I've found the yarn to make her dress from I will show her to you!

  4. Nettan:
    Thank you:) I totally adore her. And I keep my fingers crossed that you'll get your BJD. Do you know what kind you want and from where? There's a lot of dollcompany's out there and many sizes (and accessories). Mine is a small one (Pukifée 15,5cm). But I have my eyes on a bigger one too (minifee 41cm) that look more adult-ish.

    Pocket Spirits are so cute! I'm looking forward to se the dress when you have made it :)

  5. Vilken söt klänning! Passar henne perfekt!

  6. Lisen:
    Tack! Det mesta tycks bli gulligt när hon får det på sig...så det känns inte alls som om jag kan ta åt mig äran :P