Friday, September 30, 2011

Shilou's first dress

New dress for Shilou! Number one of two (and one more on it's way) from HiBlythe (etsy). Finally the little girl has a girly pink dress (the other one is blue), and here it is together with an unfinished hat:
I can't decide if the white fluff on top of the hat is staying, or not. Decisions, decisions. They can be tricky. At least my model have a lot of patience while I ponder. But she sure doesn't waste any time either; while I was looking away for a second, Shilou gave me a quiet hint about what she REALLY wanted to do...and who can say no to that face?

And yes, it IS a little tiny cute strawberry in her hand. Kawaii! ^.^


  1. Shilou's looking really cute in her new dress and hat! Personally I think you should keep the pompom ball.

  2. Annefia:
    I don't like pink much. No pink here, I thought for myself before I bought Shilou. It's going to be blue. But she didn't agree with me at all...

    And the pompom have a little tiny problem; the fluff is fluffing away when you touch it. Small dusty yarn particles (alright, if you don't have good light it's hardly visible). Maybe it's just me, but BLEH.