Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shilou's room?

This is Shilou's bedroom (not completely finished yet). But sadly she doesn't seem to feel like home. It's too "grown up" she tells me and are more interested in the playroom I'm making for her. It has a lot of colourful furniture that don't match each other, so I'm going to paint some of them white (does anyone know what kind of paint you need for surfaces that are made of plastic?) before she can play in there.

I also tried another wig on Shilou today, isn't she cute? She look more grown up this way (maybe too much). I really like her in white, but it's probably not for could be for someone else. So now I'm looking for a better white wig for the future and a blond one with bangs for Shilou, similair to the one I have, but longer and less uneven.

The lovely dress she's wearing is from Hiblythe.


  1. Shiloh is such a cutie! I just discovered your blog today and really enjoyed reading it. I love hearing about your process of making and collecting things before Shiloh arrived and after she was home. Best wishes, Bearpicnic

  2. Wow! What a fantastic room!!! Shilou should consider herself very lucky. But if she thinks this room is too mature for her you might need to get a second pukifee that likes it better. (It's so hard when we HAVE to get more dolls, isn't it? LOL)

    Shilou looks very cute in her new wig BTW.

  3. Bearpicnic:
    Thank you! I totally adore her. And I'm happy that you found my blog interesting, you're welcome to drop by any time :) I went by your place and Emma is sooo sweet! I'm looking forward to see her friend when he arrives, I'm sure they will look great together.

  4. Annefia:
    Yeah, it's almost like I want to live in there. I specially love the bed (but sadly it is a bit too small for Shilou however, she have to bend her knees a little to fit).

    And you're SO right! I probably NEED a second Pukifée. I mean, I really don't have a choice, do I? LOL

  5. Åh vilket fint rum hon har fått!
    Ska bli spännande att se lekrummet ;)

  6. Lisen:
    Ja, jag är nästan lite avundsjuk! Och lekrummet skulle egentligen behöva vara dubbelt så stort som sovrummet. Det är alldeles för mkt saker som ska få plats :P