Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tiny shoes from Etsy and Ruby Red

Five pair of shoes from Ruby Red and two pair from dollb. But, I am really confused about the size....how can they possible fit the same doll? The shoes from Ruby Red is so much bigger (but still tiny cute) than the ones from dollb. Have I bought the wrong size from RR or will they fit fine with socks? Fortunately for me I have 3 pair of oh-so-big-socks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will work.

My worrying about the size is obviously a permanent problem right now. Maybe I should just stop buying stuff for my Pukifée and wait until she's here? >.<


  1. Unfortunately I suspect that the shoe size problem will last even when you get your doll. You always take a chance when ordering shoes both for pukifees and littlefees. People seem to have very different ideas regarding what fits a certain doll everything from really tight while barefoot to too big even with socks.

  2. Annefia:
    Darn. Do you know if there is a review-thread or something about shoes somewhere on DOA? If not, maybe it can be created one at BJF? So people can post pictures on Pukifée shoes, where they got them and how they fit?

  3. There might be one on DOA, I have no clue actually (after all, I've only had Alba-Stina for 2 months or so and I haven't bought shoes for her yet since she got so many as a gift.)

    I like the idea though so go right ahead and start on at BJF if you want to.