Sunday, November 29, 2015

Woopsie! One more on it's way.

I have a secret...I've just made the last payment for another doll O.0 And it's a MiniFée! I found her on the Marketplace on DoA and it took like 1-2 weeks of thinking back and fourth, but I finally gave in and now she's on her way. And then I'm the owner of three MiniFées. Woosch. We never saw that coming, did we? ;)

I got a wig waiting for her already. And eyes. And some clothes. And a suitcase with trinkets. Oh, and a personality. And furniture (that need some love and care before they are ready). And a family member! Yes, she have a sister here at home. Maybe even a twin sister...a very strange, ghostly and somewhat fickle creature with a deep longing for old things. ...but never the less, a sister! Yes, as you can see, there's a story there to be told :D

Who's the sister at home? My MiniFée Siean. There's still a lack of a face-up, but she have some messy white curls that I special ordered for her...a very nice DoA member made her a beautiful wig that suits her perfect.

So. Sisters? Twins? Really?

YES!!! :D

Soon I'll be the owner to two Sieans ♥

(plus A-line body with large bust)

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