Monday, November 30, 2015

Bag for incoming MNF Siean.

Got the cutest little package in the mail today! I managed to be quick enough to snag one of Cinniaturebjdproject's bags for MNF's (trough Instagram)...even before it was finished! Which gave me the opportunity to come with a suggestion about where the key chain holder should be. Not bad eh? I really appreciate when you can have a good communication with the people you buy handmade items from, it feels special to have been along for some of the making process and it does give the item a more personal touch. Or at least, that's how I feel :) But this bag-making-lady is so very talented, so even if you buy a already finished piece, you will get something awesome and unique.

Will show proper pictures on the leg/hip bag as soon as my second MNF Siean arrives. Her lifestyle needed this bag, it's gonna be perfect. It gives of a bit Lara Croft vibe and I love it! It would be even more perfection if I'll manage to order a matching backpack one day ♥

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