Saturday, August 22, 2015

Box opening - MNF Siean Elf

She arrived about almost two months ago and I did take photos, but then I just got lazy and never posted them on the blog...mostly because lack of daylight in the room. I don't like the default flash on the camera and trying not to use it too much, so the pictures turned all grainy and boring. But here they are anyways, better than nothing ey?

I love the Siean sculpt ♥ Wouldn't mind one more actually. Got two different characters in mind for her and haven't decided yet which of them is going to get a physical form. Maybe they'll take turns ;)

And woooh. What a different feeling it is with this girl, compared to my former MNF Cloe (tan). I got inspired the moment I opened the box and just can't wait to bring her to life ♥ What a relief it was, I gotta say. I thought for a while that it was the size of the doll that didn't work for me, but now I know that wasn't the problem. Yay! :)    


  1. Congrats. I love Siean too. Have you seen my Tia?
    Hugs, Lene

    1. Thanks ^^ She's totally my favorite sculpt from Fairyland, I'm so thrilled that I actually managed to buy her, with body and all. One dollydream came off to the next one! It never ends, does it? xD And yes, I've seen your Tia. Her green ears are so cute!