Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bye bye MNF Chloe and hello MNF Siean!

So my first MiniFée have now found a new owner. I got the second down-payment last week so she are now on a trip to her new home in Czech Republic. It feels good, I don't regret selling her and hope that she'll get a better life now in which she gets supermuch spoiled ;) 

But WOOOPS. I know I have a PukiFée Zoe and a M-line body for my Sarang head on it's way (or rather, being made) but I just couldn't help myself when the item highest on my wish-list showed up on the marketplace at DoA, with a matching body now there's a MiniFée Siean out there who's gonna come and live with me. I'm so happy!

 (Sellers photo)

The seller was kind enough to wipe her faceup, so she'll be blank when she arrives. Which means: I gotta buy some MSC so I can start doing faceups myself. Exiting!

 (Sellers photo)

So I guess I'm back in the hobby for real now, or what do you say? ;)

The only thing I need to find when my Siean arrives, is another bustplate (made in the same year; 2013). She are now wearing small and I want the large one for her. And No. 9 hands from the same year. Possibly a pair of high-heeled feet too. So the search isn't over yet.

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