Friday, August 5, 2016

New shoes for my Minifées ♥

So...I have a dolly account on Instagram. It's not filled with much yet because my old phone couldn't take good pictures (I hope it will change now when I finally have a new one), but I have found out it's a great way to find others in this hobby! My eyes are mostly on those who create bjd clothes, shoes, accessories and face-ups. Not all of them is on Etsy and therefor might be harder to find. Nata.ko is one of these amazing talented people and she makes such cute and well made shoes (and other things too!). I was lucky enough to not only find her, but to get on her waiting list for a commission slot and now, finally, I have my product in my hand! Or products...I could not keep to one single item, so I commissioned her to make me 4 pair of shoes.

Even though the language barrier was a bit in the way, everything turned out perfect. She sent me photos during the process to make sure everything was made to my wishes and I'm so pleased with the ends result; the shoes are so well made and they all fit great! Because that's always a bit of a problem for me, with Minifées; all shoes are too big! I'm sure I'm not the only one with this dilemma. It doesn't matter how good the shoes are looking if they don't fit properly or look too bulky. It just looks silly! But now, thanks to Natalia, I've finally have something to put on my girls feet :D

(picture above belongs to Natalia)

And below are my happy dollies! First; nameless colorful girl. Second; Miriél who really doesn't do that style at all, just wanted to show of the shoes (she's all about white/grey-ish colors and old socks that almost falls apart or just simply walking barefoot). An then we have the third girl, the monster hunter (but also Miriéls twin) and the fourth pair of shoes are for the incoming Enni head...even though she's missing a body for now xD

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