Sunday, May 31, 2015

MiniFee Chloe in TS for sale!

Yes. I tried, I really did. I bought her a pair of new eyes and was looking for the perfect wig and all. But no. She does not belong with me. She IS beautiful and I don't really find anything wrong with her, except that she just don't inspire me. I have no character or personality for her. She's just blank; bald and naked just as she came. So I'm gonna try to find her a new home.

She's been in her box pretty much since I got her in November 2013. Box opening can be seen here. I've only changed her eyes, she have never had a face-up or wig on. Her body is a A-line body with large bust and cutie legs. She will come with 3 pair of extra hands, her sleeping head, her original Fairyland eyes, her box and a pair of white shoes. Wanna give her a new home? Contact me here or on DoA. ON LAYAWAY for Ginn on DoA. SOLD and shipped.

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