Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hi again.

Long time, no see! But what happened? Good question. On a personal note; Nothing happened and A LOT happened. My creative side just died and the autumn took it's toll on me, like always. All the dolls remained in their boxes, waiting and with a growing fear that they were to be sold off. I mostly crawled in under my cover and all the blankets I could find and tried to stay warm. My mom moved in with me for a while, when they started to renovate her apartment for some weeks months. That was...NOT easy. At all. We should definitely not live under the same roof (sorry mum, love you!). The winter came. Then I met someone very special. I fell in love. And somehow, it filled me with new energy; I started to paint again, had thoughts about yarn and new ideas sneaked it's way in. The snow disappeared and the spring entered the air. And more than a year have gone by now, with him by my side. And I'm still very much in love ♥

I'm still in the miniature hobby, just haven't done much crafting. But the need for making small stuff is slowly awakening again, so...Hi again ^.^ 

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