Monday, January 7, 2013

Some updates - New Glass Eyes

I bought these just before I moved...or was is after? Anyway, they found their way home to me during the autumn. I never took any photos because there was no Internet for a while, so here they are now...a couple of months late.

The first two pair above (16mm and 10mm) is Full House Glass Eyes from hikaraxxy on DoA. The one below (14mm) is from Ebay. As far as I can see the 14mm are identical with the 16mm (except in size), so I suspect that they are from the same manufacturer.

My LittleFee Chloe have the 14mm now. And why did I buy 16mm eyes, you might wonder with great curiosity (or not)? Well. I do dream. Bigger size, bigger eyes you know ;)

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