Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doll Furniture and Dolldreams

I have always collected small things, like furniture and tiny teaddybears. For example, I have a wonderful little park-bench in the window. Have to show it some other time though. But until then; here's a desk and a dresser with a mirror. Found it on Tradera some time ago. Both out of wood and in similar size. But way to big for Shilou (Pukifée) and too small for Barbie-sized dolls. Could be perfect for a Littlefée. Which means: off to storage.

Sidenote: I have fallen in love with the new Littlefée Chloe Rose Cat Fullset (and Pukifée Zio). Chloe doesn't match my planned character in that size at all (which should be dark, gloomy and with a hit of evil). Instead she is adorable and innocent-looking.

(But it's strange like that. Before I bought Shilou, I was SO sure that I would never have a blond girl. Red, black, blue, white and maybe warm ash/sandy blond. Never platinum blond. But then she came and there was no doubt; this was a girly girl with blue eyes, a fringe and way to perfect blond hair. I haven't gotten around to buy the blue eyes yet, but that will happen...some day.)

Not that I can afford any of the two new dolls. But one can
dream, can't she?

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