Thursday, September 29, 2016

A body for Enni - My eighth BJD #4

From: Fairyland
Object 1: MiniFée A-Line body with natural skin and C bust (large) with hands no.4
+ Blank Ria OE and Ria SP heads i natural skin
Parts: MiniFée high-heeled feet (hook), hands no.9 and 3 in natural skin
Eventgift: MiniFèe Halloween event head 2016 in natural skin 
Status: AVI in the mail
Me: I had some problem with costoms. They wanted proof of payment with description of goods. I e-mailed Fairyland. They sent me back an invoice to send to costums. Costums wrote back and said that they didn't accept it as proof. Fairyland tried to help but in the end it seemed like the only option we had was to decline the package so it would go back to Fairyland and then they would re-send it to me. Then, SUDDENLY, I got an AVI and could go get the package. Out of the blue! *pwew*

Custom fee: 297 sek 

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