Thursday, September 22, 2016

A dress after a Raccoon Rags pattern.

Bought a pattern on Etsy, from Raccoon Rags a while ago. It's made for Ellowyne Wilde, not Minifée, but very similar in I thought I would give it a try. The pattern itself was very easy to follow and the owner of Raccoon Rags, Tess, was very friendly and helpful. I had so much fun sewing this dress and learned a lot! Even though it wasn't the easiest to hand-sew the whole thing. Those tiny stitches...gosh. But I think I managed to do a good job with it. Unfortunately, it turned out that the waist is too big for Minifée. It can still work, if you're not picky or have a blouse under that takes up lots of space. But I'd like it to be tighter. Which is why I asked Tess for advice how to adjust the pattern and she responded with some tips. So I'm gonna modify the pattern a bit and try again :)    

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