Saturday, October 1, 2016

A body for Enni - My eighth BJD #5 - Arrival (box opening)

I was on my way to a birthday party yesterday and didn't have the time, but couldn't leave the package untouched on the it was a very quick and short box opening this time.

Close-up on Ria:

I wasn't planning on keeping the Ria OE and SP heads or the event head. But I gotta say that Ria looks so much better IRL. Fairylands face-up did NOT make her lips justice on the promo pictures AT ALL. They are so much more fuller and beautiful shaped. I'm honestly tempted to keep her. But I have no character for her (or body) and I already have 2+ floating heads around. So maybe I'll order her in the future. She's quite the charmer...her sleeping face is stunning.


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