Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some updates - Clothes

4 weeks ago I bought my LF her very first clothes (except from her Rose Cat Full set and a old red Barbiedress that I wrapped around her in panic for Christmas) and they arrived 2 weeks ago. Cutes things ever! It's two different outfits, that can be mixed around. I like mix and match. They are from Poinsettia04 on Etsy, who's a very lovely, helpful and talented seller. I sooo recommend her. In fact, I bought 2 more outfits and a hat, the day after I got these home ^.^

Eventually, I will make the clothes myself. But for now, at least she'll have something cute to wear  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Acrylic vs Glass - LittleFee Chloe

Here's a Before and After pic. Both with flash:
Old: Fairyland acrylic eyes  -  New: Full House Glass Eyes

Mostly for my own reference. And because it's fun to see how different a doll with same face-up, but different eyes and wig, can look.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some updates - New Glass Eyes

I bought these just before I moved...or was is after? Anyway, they found their way home to me during the autumn. I never took any photos because there was no Internet for a while, so here they are now...a couple of months late.

The first two pair above (16mm and 10mm) is Full House Glass Eyes from hikaraxxy on DoA. The one below (14mm) is from Ebay. As far as I can see the 14mm are identical with the 16mm (except in size), so I suspect that they are from the same manufacturer.

My LittleFee Chloe have the 14mm now. And why did I buy 16mm eyes, you might wonder with great curiosity (or not)? Well. I do dream. Bigger size, bigger eyes you know ;)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some updates - Wigs

My nameless Littlefee is still a I-don't-know-what-to-do mystery. I bought a third wig for her, short and dark (as you could see on the Christmas pictures here and here). It's from Fatiao on Ebay. It's cute, but didn't "click" at first. Then she got her new eyes and suddenly it looked so much better:

I really like it. But! A new problem evolved: the new tomboy-ish look is a very fine line to walk on. With not enough happy bright girlish clothes, she have the tendency to look like a boy with a lot of makeup (not that it's something wrong with that, but it's less suiting for a childlike doll that are supposed to be a girl, NOT a boy with makeup). It's like she's determent to walk her own path, despite my desperate tries to mold her. "Resistance is futile". Well, okay then! Try to achieve perfection without me. Good luck with that.

...I might keep my eye open for a forth wig just in case (same color, but longer). THEN I give up. Because jeeez, it has to end sometimes. My wallet isn't really made for this hobby, so I can't keep buying wigs if there's ever gonna be another doll in the horizon >.<

I also bought a new blond wig for Shilou, but that one is just awful. So big and bulky. Even a trim wouldn't do the trick. It's a shame, it looked so good in the picture :/

I'm trying to find a blond wig (with fringe) that hides her pointy ears. The dream wig for Shilou right now is this one from Fairyland, but that one sold out before I even knew that it was sold separately. And this one, which is very similar...that one sold out before I even got into this hobby! Bummer.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Some updates

A new year and time for some updates. Things are still a bit chaotic in the new apartment, but at lest I can see the floor now ^.^ I have also assembled a cabinet for the little ones, so I'm looking forward to the day I can fill it with furniture and all their other stuff, to make it more comfy. I have tons of props, but some of them needs to be painted white. Don't know when that will happen. Have to get my hands on some plastic primer first.

Picture is borrowed from Jysk (will be replaced with my own)

Anyways. More updates tomorrow.