Sunday, September 18, 2016

My first handmade bjd socks ♥

I have a tendency to take quick and not very well thought pictures of stuff I have made. And then ending up never using those photos for anything, because they look messy. Mostly it's the background that's the problem...and decent light. And lack of energy xD

I made a pair of ruffled socks a while ago though. And I'm pretty happy with them, being my first handmade socks and all, so I decided to actually take a decent picture of it...after realizing that even though the picture I took on the balcony shows off the ruffles well, it was kinda boring to look at. How do you solve the situation? With a Hello Kitty pillow of course! ^.^

(The socks was made for my M-line Sarang, but works for A-line feet too)

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