Friday, September 21, 2012

A new place

I've moved! In real life that is, not the blog. The apartment is full of boxes and the last tenants unfortunately left the place without tidying up properly and the kitchen cabinets was an awful green and blue mess inside (which I discovered after moving in) so there has been a lot of stuff to take care of. I've fixed some cracks with filler and painted the kitchen cabinets white inside, among other stuff. There have been cleaners there to clean the kitchen, but sadly it seems to be very few people nowadays that take their jobs seriously, so they had to come back and do it all again. And I still had to go over everything after the second time to actually get it all clean. And to point it out; I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to keeping it nice and should have seen my last apartment while I lived there (I left it spotless though!). I've also managed to pack up almost all my clothes and shoes; now the rest of the apartment awaits.

And because of my little fox dog, who would feel anxious and scared of all the noise and mess, we have been living with my mom. It's been over a month now and it's not a totally easy task to get along, but we're still alive...for now.

On the dollie side; all the dollies is still in their boxes (and those boxes is still in a box). I miss them! And my yarn, and my fabric and everything else thats keeps my creativity alive. Oh, and a new Littlefee box and two pair of Pukifee hands from Fairyland arrived before I moved, just as they promised. I'm very happy about that.

It seems like I missed the last summerdays when I was packing, spending my days inside among dust and old memories. When I went out again it was autumn. I feel robbed somehow...the summer was too cold and too rainy and too damn short. [insert sad face here]