Friday, September 2, 2016

A body for Enni - My eighth BJD

From: Fairyland
Object 1: MiniFée A-Line body with natural skin and C bust (large) with hands no.4
+ Blank Ria OE and Ria SP heads i natural skin
Parts: MiniFée high-heeled feet (hook), hands no.9 and 3 in natural skin
Eventgift: MiniFèe Halloween event head 2016 in natural skin 
Status: Ordered and paid
Me: Not the plan. Was gonna wait to buy a body for incoming Enni, but then Fairyland had to go and make a new A-line body and discontinue the old, so it forced me to buy the old A-line before it's gone :( The two Ria heads are gonna go up for sale when they arrive, I just ordered them to qualify for the event head.

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