Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My fourth/fifth and fifth/sixth BJD #6 - Arrival (box opening)

Fairyland seems to have downsized the cardboard box/package a bit...it's not as high and wide, but slightly longer. Much better, in my opinion...don't know if it helped with the customs, but it feels like a better choice ^.^ Here we go:
First thing that caught my eye when I opened the box was some very weird people 0.o
(21th October: I still have them. They made me laugh xD)
Bye bye bubble plastic.
Aaaand BAM! Here's everything:

Zoe is a cutiepie ♥ She's a future redhead with freckles, so I'm looking for some perfect messy wavy red curls. And possible a foxtail...gotta love foxes! I might keep the event head (RFA 2015). And the body is for my Sarang 2014 head, which means I now have two full MiniFées at home! Who would have thought? ...that was a silly question, wasn't it? Everyone in this hobby probably knows by now that there's something addictive in the Fairyland resin ;) Now, off for some wig hunting.

And HEY! Not only postcards, but stickers too. I like.


  1. Congrats. Sarang is MY favorit MiniFee sculp. I just adore her gentle soft smile. I have often thought of getting a PukiFee Zoe but for some reason there was always someone I wanted more.
    Hugs, Lene

    1. Yes, that smile of hers! So sweet. If I think about it, most Fairyland dolls looks a bit sad or gloomy, so Sarang is like a fresh breath of air somehow :) Really looking forward to when she have a faceup. But first I'm gonna try to lighten her head somehow, because there's a slight difference between the Sarang head and the new M-line body. Keep your fingers crossed for her? ^^